Winter 2012


Best of the year: DHX Media

Company president and COO Steven DeNure discusses what this year’s acquisition of Cookie Jar Group means for the newly-expanded company, its digital distribution strategy, and plans for continued expansion in 2013 and beyond.


Best of the year – Corrie Coe

Playback‘s independent production executive of the year talks greenlighting series pitches and developing homegrown fare that stands up against the imports.

Homeland (Season 2)

Best of the year: Jeremy Podeswa

Playback‘s director of the year has recently helmed episodes of Homeland, American Horror Story: Asylum and Camelot.


Barb Williams on bringing Big Brother to Canada

Brother‘s Keeper: The Shaw Media senior VP of content (pictured) says the key to a local version of the U.S. format is adding value to the overall viewer proposition.


Best of the year: Lionsgate

The Vancouver-based indie studio’s big year included acquiring Summit Entertainment, releasing the first Hunger Games installment, and extending its worldwide distribution network via multiple international output deals.

Kevin Crull - headshot-1

Best of the year: Kevin Crull

The Bell Media topper talks strategy, TV everywhere, and what year three will bring.


Best of the year: iThentic

“For us, 360 means not just looking at pure internet content, but also making sure that we are exploring all the potential for monetization,” says chairwoman and co-founder Catherine Tait.


Best of the year: Mongrel Media

“Since we don’t have the market clout that a big company has, we have to be hungry at all times, so that we can grab whatever opportunities we see,” says company founder Hussain Amarshi.

marie-claude poulin and pierre even

Best of the year: Item 7

Playback‘s film producer of the year is behind Kim Nguyen’s Rebelle (War Witch) and the upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller The Colony.