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Budget 2018 pledges $172M to CMF over five years

Announced Tuesday afternoon, the federal budget also includes money to modernize Statistics Canada and collect data on foreign OTT services operating in Canada.

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Movie theatre revenues hit $1.8B in 2016: Stats Can

Box office sales increased marginally from 2014, according to the biennial report, with concession sales jumping 7.5%.

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Broadcast revenues up slightly in 2016: StatsCan

While revenue at specialty channels is increasing, overall ad spend on conventional TV continues to decline.


Production revenues totaled $4.8B in 2015: report

The biennial Stats Canada study points to a fast-expanding industry, with production spend increasing 14.9% since 2013.


Conventional TV sees uptick in airtime sales in 2015: Stats Can

Despite predictable declines in revenue and sector airtime sales, there were a few bright spots in Statistics Canada’s annual television broadcasting report.

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Movie theatre industry revenues hit $1.6B in 2014: StatsCan

According to the biennial report, the overall operating profit margin for the industry was 13% in 2014.


Production, post revenues reach $5B in 2013: StatsCan

The film, television and video production industry generated $4.2 billion in operating revenue in 2013, while the post industry pulled in $784.1 million, new reports from StatsCan say.

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StatsCan updates distribution revenues report

The organization’s biannual report for the film and video distribution industry pegged overall operating revenue at $1.8 billion for 2013.


Broadcast TV operating revenues dip 1.3% in 2013: StatsCan

But specialty holds strong with a 5.2% increase in total revenues, thanks to subscription fees and steadier ad revenue.

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Theatre industry operating revenue hit $1.7B in 2012: StatsCan

According to the biennial report, overall profit margin for the industry rose 14% from 2010 to 2012.


More Canadians downloading, streaming in 2012: Stats Can

A new survey on Canadian internet use showed a marked increase in social media use and digital content consumption from 2010 to 2012, as Zoomers get digi-savvy.

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Web, phone subscriptions outpace cable TV: StatsCan

The org’s 2009 Cable and Satellite Television Industry report shows decade-highest profits for cable operators, led by increases in telecom subscribers.