Playback Canadian Film & TV Hall of Fame

Schellenberg, a cast member in the HBO film "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee," arrives at the premiere of the film in Los Angeles

Playback’s 2016 Canadian Hall of Fame: August Schellenberg (1936-2013)

From Playback magazine: The Canadian actor was known for iconic roles both in Hollywood and domestically on stage and screen.

Photo credit: CBC Still Photo Collection

Playback Canadian Film & TV Hall of Fame: Nicholas Campbell

From Playback magazine: Campbell, whose lengthy career includes the iconic role of Dominic Da Vinci, enters the Hall of Fame as one of Canada’s most authentic on-screen talents.


Playback Canadian Film & TV Hall of Fame: Lyse Lafontaine

Lafontaine has made an indelible mark on Canadian cinema, with producing credits that include Jean-Claude Lauzon’s Leolo and Xavier Dolan’s upcoming feature.