Interactive digital media industry worth $3.8B in Canada: study

Research released by the Canadian Interactive Alliance shows revenues in the industry rising but the number of full-time jobs isn’t keeping pace.


BroadbandTV founder Rafati named Executive of the Year

Shahrzad Rafati, founder and CEO of BroadbandTV, becomes the first woman named Executive of the Year at nextMEDIA Digi Awards.

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nextMEDIA: Mobile success means creating mobile-first strategies

Panelists agreed that publishers and advertisers need to move away from just adapting online experiences to mobile devices, and focus on activation elements.

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nextMEDIA: Meeting growing digital video demand first step to monetization

According to a panel of industry execs at the Toronto conference, online publishers must demonstrate that their premium content can net consistent audiences that can be sold to advertising media buyers.


nextMEDIA: Creators should capitalize on mobile, digital video

“At the end of the day, with video usage, you’re extending [content] reach, not cutting reach,” comScore VP Canada Bryan Segal (pictured) told Playback ahead of the conference taking place Dec. 3 and Dec. 4.

Banff Netflix

Netflix: Why Cancon producers are in business with us

Netflix topper Ted Sarandos tells critics at the Banff World Media Festival that Canadian producers welcome getting into business with the US video streaming giant for its generous licensing deals.

Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern’s Genie in a Bottle

The CEO of the new media co shares tips for transmedia success with the Banff World Media Festival crowd.

Moderation Town

Moderation Town wins at NATPE

Stitch Media’s online comedy series Moderation Town has scooped up the honors for the nextMedia Digital Launch Pad at NATPE.

Michael Hennessy

Searching for the digital long tail

There’s nothing new in the Internet’s long tail.

Michael Wolff

NextMEDIA keynote detained at Pearson Airport

This is awkward: NextMEDIA keynote speaker Michael Wolff on Monday got hauled into the penalty box by Canadian customs agents at Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

Michael Wolff

The digital earthquake is coming

The open Internet is being closed and colonized by digital giants like Apple, Netflix and Facebook that stand to control the media business for a generation, according to founder Michael Wolff.