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Comscore’s SEC settlement brings up issue of transparency in media

The company has settled charges and says it’s ready to move on, but Canadian media buyers say this speaks to a bigger issue of trust in measurement institutions.


How Canada’s LGBTQ+ population consumes media

A new study argues that LGBTQ+ representation isn’t just healthy for communities, it’s healthy for brands.

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2014 Upfronts blog: The CW’s Flashy fall strategy

Mindshare’s Janine Newbigging is impressed with the quality of new show ideas, as the channel moves away from its Gossip Girl roots.

Lina Alles

2014 Upfronts blog: CBS goes big on drama

Lina Alles, chief trading officer at Mindshare Canada, on the channel’s new offerings, which include two new crime show spinoffs.

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Phil King on TSN’s next play

The Bell Media exec discusses TSN’s three new national feeds while Mindshare Canada’s Trevor Clark wonders if the sports media sector is becoming over-saturated.