Mark De Angelis

Catching up with the 2012 10 to Watch

Here’s a look at what some of Playback‘s 10 to Watch have been up to and what they have lined up for 2013.

Bill & Sons gets an app

The app, developed by Shawn Bailey, will let users watch the full series and access the web series’ toll-free customer complaint line.

The 2012 10 to Watch: Mark De Angelis

The writer whose credits include Dan for Mayor and The Ron James Show co-created and produced Bill and Sons Towing, a webseries that attracted a lot of mainstream media attention and lured many high-profile Canadian actors.

Bill & Sons web series aims to tow in online viewers

Series co-creator Charles Ketchabaw of Toronto-based Ready, Set, Panic talks to Playback Daily about how podcasts and customer complaints are a strategy to create content and build buzz.