Jay Bennett

State of Syn announcement

Smokebomb Entertainment’s Synful business

From our latest print issue – how the Shaftesbury co’s edgy new transmedia property State of Syn is redefining in-your-face entertainment.


CFC Media Lab unveils ideaBOOST

The program will look to help small teams and businesses fund and develop their digital ideas, but applicants must first prove an audience exists.


CTV flicks a digital Switch

The six ep digital series, a spin-off from the The Listener, will act as an extension to the primetime drama.


Daniel Dales and Jarrett Sherman exit Smokebomb Entertainment

The co-founders of the digital producer, acquired by Shaftesbury Films in 2008, are “moving on from their roles in order to pursue other opportunities.”

01-24-11 Tim Burton Cadavre Exquis

Transmedia: Saviour for Canadian TV, or its successor? Part 2

Playback Daily shows producers how to take advantage of low barriers to entry in transmedia production to develop, produce and distribute content that catches on like catnip with audiences.