Communications Monitoring Report


OTT revenues continue to gain significant ground on TV: CRTC

TV revenues fell by 5% to $6.9 billion while revenues for internet video platforms grew by 21.3% to $2.4 billion, according to the Communications Monitoring Report for 2017.

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CPE, PNI up in 2016: CRTC report

Plus, for the first time, the Communications Monitoring Report digs into revenues for internet-based video services in Canada (yes, that includes Netflix).

Traditional TV consumption continues decline: report

Canadians are watching less television per week on average, with Bell Media capturing more than a third of that audience share.

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Linear TV viewing dropped in 2015: CRTC

The regulator’s annual report found TV revenue dropped 3.4%, while cable subscriptions were also on the decline.

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CRTC makes it official: Canadians are wired on the web

The regulator’s latest snapshot of Canadian internet and wireless consumption reveals an increasingly digitally connected nation.