Canadian Screen Awards

Canadian Screen Awards hold steady on ratings

The Screenies added about 10,000 viewers over last year’s overnights, holding at around half a million viewers.


Inside the CSA’s best web series category

As best web series made its broadcast-gala debut at the Canadian Screen Awards, Playback magazine breaks down the business behind them. (Space Riders: Division Earth pictured.)


10 things the Screenies reveal about Canadian film and TV

While there’s only one winner per category at the CSAs, the overall nominations give a high-level view of Canadian industry trends. Playback magazine looks at the top 10.

CSA resized

Sunday Night Lights: Cimoroni & Co up the Screenies game

From Playback magazine: Bringing years of major sporting event expertise to Canada’s biggest entertainment awards, a look at some of the changes Dan Cimoroni and Rick Chisholm brought to the CSA’s broadcast gala.

Unsung Glee Dance Troop - CSAs 2015

Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Far-flung docs win night one

Tales from the Organ Trade continues its awards streak alongside Our Man in Tehran, while Secret Location takes home three digital media trophies. (The Unsung: Behind the Glee dance troop pictured.)


Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Nominations primer

Need a hand tracking who’s nominated for what? Here’s a handy reference of all nominees across six categories. (UPDATED with winners per category)


Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Theatrical documentary & short film

Nominees in the categories of theatrical documentary and short film.


Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Feature film categories

Reign - Megan Follows

Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Performance categories

The per-award breakdown of nominees in the performance categories. (Reign‘s Megan Follows is nominated for best actress in a TV drama.)


Canadian Screen Awards ’15: TV categories

A per-award breakdown of all nominees in the Canadian Screen Awards TV categories (Orphan Black, nominated in the Best Dramatic Series category, pictured)

whateverlinda CROPPED

Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Digital media categories

A per-award breakdown of all the nominees in the Canadian Screen Awards digital categories. (Best original program for digital media, fiction nominee Whatever, Linda pictured.)

bomb girls enemy

Canadian Screen Awards ’15: Craft category nominees

A per-award breakdown of all nominees in the Canadian Screen Awards craft categories (Bomb Girls: Facing the Enemy nominated in the Best Achievement in Make-Up category, pictured.)