Alliance Films


Goon tops the weekend Canadian box office with $1.2 million

Alliance Films reports the Michael Dowse-directed hockey comedy beat out the Hollywood competition on its opening weekend.


Goon poster furor: why censorship is the best publicity

Playback Daily investigates whether the City of Toronto or Astral Media ultimately ordered the removal of the posters, and whether it mattered given the free publicity for the hockey comedy ahead of its theatrical bow this weekend. (Updated with correction.)

02-10-12 Hunger Games

Joe Fresh gets in the game with Alliance Films

The clothing brand is giving out Mockingjay-emblazoned gift cards to shoppers as part of a promotional partnership for The Hunger Games.


Alliance Films financing sequel for horror hit Insidious

The original Insidious picture cost a reported $1.5 million to make and grossed $155 million worldwide.

01-26-12 Brad Pelman

Pelman announces departure from Alliance Films

Brad Pelman has left Alliance Films six months after Maple Pictures, which he co-founded in 2005, was acquired for $38.5 million.


How Alliance Films gave Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob an entry-level job

Series exec producer Thomas Howe tells Playback Daily about the latest addition to the Canadian business reality TV genre: W Network’s Undercover Boss Canada.

Film Title:  HAYWIRE

Alliance Films hits the auction block

Goldman Sachs Capital Partners and Investissement Quebec have put their stakes in Canada’s largest indie film distributor in play.


Astral Media on Canadian film acquisition: ‘Our business model has not changed’

The broadcaster responds to CAFDE’s assertion that its pay TV licence fees have declined in recent years, and refutes Alliance’s claim that it was not interested in carrying Breakaway.


Astral licence changes could ‘profoundly’ affect Canadian film: CAFDE

A charged atmosphere surrounds the CRTC’s hearings into a group-based approach to French television licencing.


Marisa Tomei and Joshua Jackson star in Ruba Nadda’s Inescapable

The project is Nadda’s follow-up to Cairo Time, which won the best Canadian feature prize at the Toronto International Film Festival.


Gadon, McDowell named to Antiviral cast, shooting now in T.O.

More details about the Canadian theatrical mystery drama have been unveiled, including Alliance Films as its Canadian and UK distributor.

10-11-11MarcAndreGrodin copy

Marc-Andre Grondin top-lines L’Affaire Dumont

The $5 million film, directed by Quebec’s Daniel “Podz” Grou, tells the true story of a man jailed for a rape he insists he never committed, and a single mother who sets out to prove his innocence.