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Love Jacked

Cameras rolling on Love Jacked

The film, from Toronto’s Inner City Films, is currently shooting in Cape Town, South Africa.

From How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town - Jonas Chernick, Tommie-Amber Pirie, writer-director Jeremy LaLonde, and CFF executive director Bern Euler

Canadian Film Fest announces 2016 winners

How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town (pictured) and Winter Hymns take home three awards each.

I Smile Back

Deals: Search Engine, DHX, AMBI, A71

Search Engine picks up the Canadian rights to Adam Salky’s I Smile Back (pictured), and more deals of the week.

The Waiting Room

A71 Entertainment picks up The Waiting Room

The distributor acquired the Canadian rights to the Igor Drljaca-directed feature.

MyExEx resized

Coming Soon: My Ex-Ex

Will a bubbly, engaging cast, a traditional media buy and carefully concepted artwork help get this “fun, raunchy romantic comedy” in front of its target audience?

Berkshire County

Coming Soon: Berkshire County

A71 Entertainment on the marketing and distribution strategy for Audrey Cummings’ debut horror feature.

The Valley Below

Coming Soon: The Valley Below

A71 Entertainment on the distribution strategy for The Valley Below, the first feature to be released via the Canadian Indie Film Series initiative.

MUST USE CREDIT shutterstock_Rossif Sutherland

Jamie Dagg shoots debut feature River in Laos

Rossif Sutherland (pictured) and Sarah Botsford star in what the producers claim is the first North American movie to shoot in Laos.

In her Place

Coming Soon: In Her Place

How A71 Entertainment plans to build off awards buzz to help promote the theatrical run of In Her Place.

Photo: atomicjeep, Flickr Creative Commons

Landmark to give Canadian indie films ‘event cinema’ treatment

The cinema chain will give over 17 screens to host Canadian Indie Night on the first Wednesday of every month, starting in March 2015.

Audrey Cummings

Audrey Cummings’ Berkshire County wins top prize at Shriekfest

The debut feature the Canadian director marks the first time a film from a female director has won the Grand Jury Prize in the horror festival’s 14-year history. (Cummings pictured)


Felix and Meira named best Canadian feature at TIFF

Maxime Giroux’s romancer about strangers in Montreal earned $30,000 and the top Canadian jury film award in Toronto.