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ACTRA to honour broadcaster Dick Irvin

Sports commentator Irvin will be presented with ACTRA Montreal’s Award of Excellence at the 2011 awards gala.

Photo: aditza121, Flickr Creative Commons

ACTRA ratifies new code for voice work

The Audio Code establishes terms and conditions for a range of audio work, including audiobooks and podcasts.

Helga Stephenson

Crisis spurs dramatic change at ACCT

The Genie and Gemini organizer’s unveiling of a new board is the latest signal the organization is stepping back from the brink.

06-02-11Ferne Downey

ACTRA pans Canadian nets’ fall schedules

The union’s president Ferne Downey expresses her disappointment in the level of Canadian programming on the fall slates.


UBCP appoints Jeff Young

The Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP/ACTRA) has named Jeff Young as its new director of contracts.

Maple Leaf

ACTRA to CRTC: Online casters should offer, fund Canadian programming

Unions and industry organizations respond to the CRTC’s call for comment on OTT services.

Maureen Parker

WGC tells CRTC to get ball rolling on 2010 TV policy

The 2010 TV Policy balances programming flexibility for broadcasters with a guarantee to make quality Canadian shows, especially dramas, documentaries and awards shows.


Canadian actors urge votes for culture on May 2

ACTRA wants politicians to back homegrown films and TV shows by waving the flag, and the taxpayer’s wallet, after May 2 election.


Canada Screenwriting Awards honors scribes

Canadian screenwriters were a joyous lot Monday night at their Writers Guild of Canada Screenwriting Awards, having just snagged much-needed new work from private broadcasters through the new CRTC 2010 TV Policy.


Broadcaster flexibility should support Canadian programming

We welcome the CRTC’s 2010 TV policy for private broadcasters. Now hold them to it. That was the message from industry guilds and unions to the CRTC as they addressed on-going license renewal hearing for English-language television broadcasters.


Screenwriters down pens and prep for awards

The 15th annual WGC Screenwriting Awards will take place Monday night at Maro in downtown Toronto, with Laurie Elliott hosting.


Perotto and Hardy jump to Comweb and William F. White

Big change on the union front: IATSE Local 667 business rep Rick Perotto and NABET 700 business agent David Hardy, long-time rivals to find film and TV work for their union membership, have joined Comweb Corp. and William F. White International in leadership roles.