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Bill C-10 passes second reading, referred to Senate committee for further study

With the Senate breaking for its summer adjournment last night, the bill’s fate continues to hinge largely on whether or not an election is called this fall.

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Bill C-10 passed in the House of Commons, moves to Senate

While the bill was passed in the early hours of Tuesday, reports suggest there’s almost no chance it will receive Senate approval before the summer recess.

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‘Don’t despair. We will get it done’: Guilbeault attempts to reassure screen sector on C-10

BANFF ’21: With time running out on the summer parliamentary session, and the potential of a fall election, the bill’s fate remains uncertain.

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YouTube reports its creative ecosystem contributed $923M to Canada’s GDP last year

“YouTube’s openness is what has made all of this possible and protecting it is our number one priority,” said the report, which referenced Google Canada’s blog post on the “unintended consequences” of Bill C-10.

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Cultural orgs publish open letter urging swift action on Bill C-10

On Friday, the Liberals introduced a motion that would limit the amount of discussion time on the bill to five hours following weeks of slow progress.

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CMPA’s former lead negotiator Warren Ross joins Netflix

Ross, whose departure from the producers association was revealed six weeks ago, joins the streaming giant in the role of counsel, labour relations.

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Google Canada weighs in on C-10 discoverability debate

In its current form, Bill C-10 would mean YouTube users would “see suggestions not based on their personal preferences or even what is most relevant, but what the government decides is ‘Canadian,’” according to Google.

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Bill C-10: Yale, Geist put forth opposing views on how to support cultural sector

Janet Yale and Michael Geist were part of an expert panel appearing before the Heritage committee this week to examine what amendments to the bill mean in the context of freedom of expression.

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Amended Bill C-10 is in compliance with Charter of Rights, says Department of Justice

The amended bill does not raise concerns around freedom of speech, according to the review, as Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault and an expert panel including Janet Yale and Michael Geist prepare to go before the committee.

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Bill C-10 review temporarily suspended

Committee members voted to pause the clause-by-clause review until Minister of Justice David Lametti, Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault and an expert panel have appeared before the committee.

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Industry orgs urge parties to put politics aside and pass Bill C-10

As the public discourse around freedom of speech continues to escalate, screen sector organizations are urging cooler heads to prevail and the clause-by-clause review of Bill C-10 to resume.

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Liberals to amend Bill C-10 to clarify stance on user-generated content

The Conservative party and other critics of the bill contend that the removal of section 4.1 paves the way for the CRTC to regulate social media posts, while the Liberals say this is political spin.