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Op-ed: The time is now to seize an unprecedented opportunity

Once Bill C-10 is passed, the Canadian screen industry will have the chance to renew, reinvest and rebuild itself, says CMF president and CEO Valerie Creighton. The opportunity is there for the taking, but industry players must collectively be ready to embrace bold, transformative change.

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Hundreds sign open letter as debate over Telefilm’s Fast Track program heats up

More than 500 individuals across the filmmaking community have undersigned a letter supporting Telefilm’s industry consultation process and the elimination of the Fast Track program.

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CMF@10 – Tribute: Part two

VIDEO: Execs discuss the organization’s formative years, defining moments and hopes to emerge stronger on the other side of the pandemic.

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Where next? Mapping the CMF’s future

VIDEO: Valerie Creighton and Kelly Wilhelm discuss steadying the ship in 2020, what updates to the Broadcasting Act could mean for the funder, and how the organization will support the industry as it transitions from COVID support funding into a post-pandemic future.

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CMF @ 10: Evolving in a time of crisis

The Canada Media Fund is not letting the pandemic slow efforts to better serve the industry as a whole.

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CMF opens $3M development program for projects without a broadcaster commitment

The program’s launch comes as the CMF looks to expand its funding triggers in order to create new paths to market for producers and creators.

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Media Ranch among Creative Export Canada recipients

All told, eight Quebec organizations secured funding from the Canadian Heritage program.

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CMF doubles COVID relief funding available to BPOC-owned companies

Black and people of colour (BPOC) producers and creators will now have access to $8 million in COVID support, up from the $4 million announced previously.

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Joan Jenkinson to lead the Black Screen Office as executive director

The appointment comes as the organization receives $100,000 in funding from the CMF to support its formation and growth.

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COVID insurance fund set to open Friday

Updated: Telefilm also fleshed out details of the $50-million Short-Term Compensation Fund, while the CMPA has made the case that projects already in production should be eligible to apply to the fund.

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CMF invests $40.6M across 94 audiovisual projects

Two EyeSteelFilm projects picked up support alongside Buffy Sainte-Marie: Power in the Blood and The Grizzly Truth in the English POV Program, plus 13 projects secured support from the Indigenous Program: Production.

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Industry eagerly awaits eligibility guidelines for lifeline insurance fund

With an estimated 200 projects ready to go to camera, the specifics of the application criteria could prove to be make or break for producers desperate to salvage something from a torrid 2020.