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Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Column: Planning work visas around fluctuating currency

Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio on why it’s wise to have the flexibility to work in the U.S. at a moment’s notice, even when the Canadian industry is booming.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

How social stars can land a U.S. work visa

Column: Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio on what social media stars and their petitioners need to consider when looking to work stateside.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

How the EB-5 immigration visa can aid film financing

Column: Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio discusses the U.S. visa program, which is designed to attract job-creating businesses and can also be used for film projects.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Don’t think you’re an artist? If you want an O-1B visa, think again

Column: Executives and below-the-line crew members may not consider their talents artistic, but immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio urges them to take a closer look.

irene berkowitz

Yanking the value chain: how to make global hits

OPINION: Ryerson PhD candidate and MBA instructor Irene Berkowitz on re-evaluating the Canadian TV drama value chain for the new media landscape.

Lorraine D'Alessio headshot

Column: Setting up shop in the U.S. may be easier than you think

Immigration lawyer Lorraine P. D’Alessio suggests strategies for entertainment professionals considering expanding to, or working in, the U.S.

moyra rodgers

Opinion: Discoverability starts here

Magnify Digital CEO Moyra Rodger weighs in on the discoverability of Canadian content and issues to be addressed at this fall’s proposed Discoverability Summit.

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Opinion: Mixed signals from the CRTC

DGC national president Tim Southam questions the omission of directorial talent from the requirements for the CRTC’s new CanCon pilot programs.


Blog: Francois Delisle on bringing Chorus to life

Sundance blogger Alan Bacchus talks to the director about writing, financing and finishing his sixth feature (Chorus pictured).

Pop-up Porno

Blog: Quirky ‘Pop-Up Porno’ a hot topic at Sundance

Playback‘s Sundance blogger Alan Bacchus speaks with Pop-Up Porno producer Holly O’Brien about getting three – yes, three – self-financed shorts into the famed festival.

The Witch

Scythia Films copro The Witch sells to A24 at Sundance

Playback‘s Sundance blogger Alan Bacchus talks to Daniel Bekerman of Scythia Films about The Witch (pictured), coproduced with NY-based Parts and Labor.


Blog: Sundance ’15 marks record year for Canada

Blogging for Playback from Sundance, Alan Bacchus (pictured) looks at Canada’s recent successes at the festival and how it might bode for this year’s record presence.