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Op-ed: The importance of Bill C-11 and getting it passed quickly

Brad Danks, CEO of OUTtv Media Global, writes that Bill C-11 is critical in protecting Canada’s domestic distribution system.

Valerie Creighton

Op-ed: Growth and inclusion for a better Canada – the case for Bill C-11

Canada Media Fund president and CEO Valerie Creighton writes about the urgent need to act on Bill C-11.

Daniel Stolfi

Op-Ed – The comedian vs. cancer: finding my way back to the industry post-treatment

Actor-writer-producer Daniel Stolfi on how producers, casting directors and agents can help those in the industry during and after cancer treatment.

Jenn Paul

Op-ed: Diversity is being used as a scapegoat for capitalism, and it’s time to talk about it

Jenn Paul, ACTRA National’s director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging, writes that “making ‘diversity’ a scapegoat for business decisions is lazy, reductionist, irresponsible and dangerous.”

Joan Jenkinson

Splitting hairs: The screen industry’s unequal treatment of Black actors

Joan Jenkinson, executive director of the Black Screen Office, pens this op-ed about the inequities Black performers face in hair and makeup departments on sets.

Rachelle Elbaz

Op-Ed: The pandemic has been ‘excruciatingly difficult’ for women in film and TV

Canadian producer and film industry specialist Rachelle Elbaz on ways to help women facing pandemic challenges in the screen sector.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Disclosing my Disability

Op-Ed: Thomas Conway (pictured) on the need for a safe and understanding space for writers to comfortably and confidently disclose their disabilities.


Engineer turned filmmaker taps well clean-up issue in doc

Calgary-based Kino Sum leans into director Gillian McKercher’s oil and gas roots for the CBC TV documentary produced in less than six months.


Returning Home offers pathway to reconciliation

The first documentary produced by Canadian Geographic kicked off its festival run this month in Calgary, heading to Vancouver next.

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A Canadian POV on global digital trends

Media consultancy firm UM Canada’s digital director Dennis Truong explains four forces that could take shape and the implications for media planners and buyers.

Noovo Moi

Bell Media consolidates French lifestyle content online

Noovo Moi is positioned to be a daily one-stop French-language online lifestyle destination.


MADE | NOUS Launches the Seek More Campaign

VIDEO: In this special Playback Sessions edition, Simu Liu, Shamier Anderson, Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs and campaign director Raha ‘Euphoria’ Moshfeghian discuss why now is the moment to push for greater representation on our screens. [Sponsored Content]