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Making sense of new technology

One of the problems with working in the audiovisual industry is that we all inhabit a technological bubble. Gadgets that we see at conferences and expos are always on the verge of ‘changing consumers behavior forever.’ Reports about Japanese or Korean innovations are always filled with overblown forecasts about revenues and growth.


How to make a winning format

Producers and broadcasters like formats for three reasons — they’re a proven proposition, viewers like to watch them live, and because hits can generate a huge financial upside.


When it comes to drama, viewers don’t care

As a Brit, I know I should like BBC wildlife shows and Channel 4 sitcoms. And I should probably bolster ITV’s ad story by watching endless Agatha Christie murder mysteries.


Another BRIC in the wall

Don’t you just hate acronyms?
It’s bad enough having to decode my kids’ text messages without industry experts bombarding me with terms like ARPU, KGOY, WiMAX, VoIP and MMORG.


What future for public broadcasting?

LONDON — While trawling the globe for stories in the run-up to this year’s MIPTV, I couldn’t help but notice that most of the world’s public-service broadcasters are suffering from severe financial cramps at the moment.


Reality check

LONDON — British TV may not be the best in world. But it does have a psychotic energy that stops you in your tracks. Only the Dutch, it seems, are able to outdo us when it comes to repackaging controversy and conflict as forms of mainstream entertainment.


Foreign Intelligence

There are some ideas only ‘experts’ understand – like why it makes sense to give trillions of taxpayer dollars to the numerically challenged numbskulls who have virtually bankrupted the global economy. But, not wanting to be left out, U.K. media regulator Ofcom has hit on a similarly counterintuitive idea. Briefed to save public service broadcasting, it has told leading ad-funded network ITV that it will be allowed to drop some of its more onerous responsibilities, creating what is being dubbed as a PSB-lite broadcasting model. More bizarrely, it has said that one way to save quasi-public broadcaster Channel 4 from financial ruin would be for it to merge with RTL-owned commercial network Five.