CMF invests $19.3M in interactive digital media projects

Projects receiving funding include Love is a Roguelite (LIAR) by Titan1Studios, which is concurrently being developed for television.

Projects from Toronto-based content incubator Titan1Studios, Toronto virtual production studio Dark Slope and Montreal’s Les Films Outsiders are recipients in the newest round of funding from the Canada Media Fund (CMF)’s latest investment in Canadian interactive digital media projects.

The CMF is investing $19.3 million in the prototyping and production of 37 such projects, which will receive funding through three different programs under the CMF’s Experimental Stream — Innovation & Experimentation, Commercial Projects and Prototyping.

Titan1Studios will receive $249,999 under the Prototyping stream for the game Love is a Roguelite (LIAR). Rathan Moorthy, president and CEO of Titan1Studios, tells Playback Daily that LIAR is based on the studios’ Wild Frontier intellectual property, which is concurrently being developed for television by Titan1Studios. It’s described as a “replayable turn-based action game with dynamic emotional narrative mechanics, embedded within a procedurally generated roguelite love story.”

The Prototyping stream will also see Les Films Outsiders get $169,087 for Space Cadet, the Game, while Dark Slope has been tapped to receive $700,000 for the Monster Bash Block Party under the Commercial Projects stream.

The Prototyping Program allocates funding at the early stages and will see a total investment of $4.3 million in the first round for the development of 22 digital media prototypes, including games, rich interactive media and software applications.

Other Quebec projects receiving funding under the Prototyping stream, which comprises mostly games, include: Open Thread by Jeux Lowbirth ($250,000); Project Wendigo by Undaunted Games Incorporated ($250,000); the software Sonar ($241,733) by Studio Iregular; Clever-Plays Studio’s Xeno ($249,999); Chariot Legacy from Divertissement EW ($174,225); and Muzak from Signal Space ($185,089).

Toronto is also represented in that stream by Batoche from an unidentified company ($105,000); The Garden Games from Giggling Piglets ($169,833); Nothing Bad Ever Happens in Cozy Harbour by Lightning Rod Games ($250,000); Lofty Sky Entertainment’s Hope in the City ($192,452); and Keyword 2: The Hotpot Detective by City from naught ($25,000).

B.C. projects funded in the Prototyping stream include Antic Games’ Supercolony ($98,641); Warplight by Metanaut Labs ($189,176); Eden Industries’ Nights of the Djinn ($250,000); Cape Thunder by Sunset Visitor Studios ($250,000); Fresh Tracks by Buffalo Buffalo Labs ($206,925); and Silverstring Media’s Greenheart Necromancer ($159,618). From Alberta is Crimson Herring Studios’ Sovereign Seas ($210,997); and Zero State Agency from Fortress Games ($249,591).

Crimson Herring Studios is also getting funding in the Commercial Projects Program for Sovereign Syndicate ($839,990). That program funds interactive and immersive digital media projects “that have a high probability of commercial success,” according to a news release.

The first round of Commercial Projects funding will allot more than $7.5 million in the production of eight digital media projects, with others including several from Montreal: Aloft by Astrolabe Interactive ($1,424,000); Aristeia by Studio Blindspot ($1,428,500); Every Day We Fight by Signal Space ($1,208,411); and Prison Boss 2 by Studio Trebuchet ($1,428,500).

The Commercial stream is rounded out by Saskatchewan-based Foolish Mortals Games’ Radio General 2 ($185,550), and Times & Galaxy by Copychaser Games ($385,980).

Studio Trebuchet is also receiving funds in the Innovation & Experimentation Program for Projet Stratus ($1,250,000). The program funds Canadian interactive or immersive digital media content and software applications that are innovative and leading-edge. The first round of funding totals $7.4 million and will support seven digital media projects, which were evaluated by a jury of specialists.

Other Innovation & Experimentation projects include Montreal’s Projet Finnegan by Moteurs Finnegan ($1,250,000) and War Stories: The Caribou Trail by ManaVoid Entertainment ($1,250,000); Toronto’s Magnum Hopeus by Bloom Digital Media ($398,010), Rooster by Sticky Brain Studios ($1,439,000) and Transforms TV by Transitional Forms ($912,000); and Nova Scotia’s Kun’tewiktuk – A Mi’kmaw Adventure by an unidentified company ($900,000).