Telefilm Canada announces $5.5M in production funding for French-language features

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Pascal Plante's Les chambres rouges and Jean-François Leblanc's Vil et misérable are among the eight films funded under the Production Program.

Pascal Plante, Jean-François Leblanc, and Marie-Claire Marcotte are among the filmmakers getting a new round of Telefilm Canada funding for their French-language feature projects.

The Crown corporation has announced a total of $5.5 million will be spread out between eight French-language features under the Production Program, including the thriller Les chambres rouges from director and screenwriter Plante (Nadia, Butterfly). The film is produced by Montreal-based Les Productions Némésis Films, with distribution by Entract Films.

Leblanc (Landgraves) is the director of his first fiction feature Vil et misérable, which he co-wrote with Samuel Cantin, the author of the eponymous comic strip on which the story is based. The comedy is produced by Quebec-based Vlimeuses productions Inc., with distribution by Entract Films.

Marcotte (Running with Violet) is the screenwriter and director of the drama Rêver en néon. It is produced by Alberta-based Corey Loranger Productions and Marcotte’s Toronto-based banner Fittonia Films. Currently, there is no distributor attached to the film.

Another comedy made the cut – Vampire humaniste cherche suicidaire consentant from director Ariane Louis-Seize-Plouffe (Shooting Star), which she co-wrote with Christine Doyon. The film is produced by Montreal-based prodco art et essai, with H264 Studios onboard as the distributor.

Chloé Cinq-Mars (La Voce) is the screenwriter and director of the mystery-crime feature Oublier Charlotte, produced by Montreal-based 1976 Productions, with Fun Film as its distributor.

The rest of the list comprises drama: L’Ouragan F.Y.T from director Ara Ball (Le Pédophile), which he co-wrote with Tania Duguay-Castilloux, produced by Montreal-based Bunbury Films with Fun Film as distributor; Les hommes de ma mère from director Anik Jean (Sois Sage) with screenwriter Maryse Latendresse, produced by Montreal-based Les Films Jessie with Les Films Séville as distributor.

Henri Pardo’s (Les Simone) fantasy feature Kanaval, which he directed and wrote, is also part of the funding pool. The film is produced by Montreal-based Yzanakio Productions. Currently, there is no distributor attached to the film.

According to Telefilm, an advisory team committee of external and internal representatives assessed the projects and made recommendations, taking into consideration the Crown corporation’s goal of promoting the diverse voices of the industry.

Its decision-making process “ensures that Telefilm funds a balanced portfolio of productions that reflect a variety of genres, budgets and company sizes, regions of the country and points of view,” the funder said in a news release.

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