Ron Mann to direct and produce Crave original doc on ‘sonic obsessives’

Ron Mann
The feature-length Audiophilia – Adventures in the World of Hi-Fi from Mann's Sphinx Productions will look at those "engaged in the never-ending quest to find audio nirvana."

Veteran filmmaker Ron Mann is set to direct and produce a Crave original feature-length documentary about audiophiles through his Toronto-based Sphinx Productions.

Produced in partnership with Crave, Audiophilia – Adventures in the World of Hi-Fi will look at the subculture of “sonic obsessives” who seek out esoteric electronics and high-end stereo equipment to turn their homes into “audio sanctuaries.” Interviewees will include inventors, designers, and major-league sound lovers who are “engaged in the never-ending quest to find audio nirvana,” says a news release.

Mann (Carmine Street Guitars, Altman, Comic Book Confidential) tells Playback Daily he’s aiming to start production this fall, with locations to be determined and a completion date scheduled for late 2023. The film budget is $750,000.

The film’s producer for Crave originals is Tina Apostolopoulos, with whom Mann previously collaborated on Altman and Carmine Street Guitars.

Mann’s documentary film and television prodco Sphinx Productions is currently presenting the film to buyers at the Cannes Film Market.

The director-producer plans to accompany the documentary with a touring exhibit, an illustrated companion book, and an music soundtrack.

Mann has fixed his lens on the audio and music worlds several times previously, with feature docs including Imagine the Sound, Twist, Blue Rodeo in Stereovision and Carmine Street Guitars.