Telefilm Canada releases code of conduct for business partners

The new guidelines apply to all types of interactions with Telefilm and are complementary to the internal policies the funder already has in place.

Telefilm Canada has issued a code of conduct for its business partners, which it defines as all entities and individuals interacting with the funder in the course of its activities.

The Crown corporation says the new document is intended for past, current, and future applicants to its funding programs and initiatives; service providers; industry stakeholders; and contractual partners. It also applies to employees and representatives of the aforementioned parties.

A Telefilm representative tells Playback Daily this is the funder’s first-ever Code of Conduct for Business Partners. The new guidelines are complementary to internal policies Telefilm already has in place, such as the Code of Conduct applicable to its employees and the Policy on Respect in the Workplace.

Effective Monday (May 16), the external-facing rules of engagement are part of Telefilm’s “commitment to supporting a healthy ecosystem that thrives in a culture of mutual respect, dignity, integrity, and inclusivity, free from any form of harassment, discrimination, and violence,” the funder said in a press release.

The policy applies to all types of interactions with Telefilm, from in-person and phone or videoconference, to email and social media or public forums.

Acceptance of and adherence to the code of conduct is mandatory for all of Telefilm’s business partners. The document says non-compliance can result in measures including terminating all activity for a defined period of time or in perpetuity, terminating contracts, taking legal actions, and/or reporting criminal acts to authorities.

Image: Unsplash