Creative BC awards $820K in first Production Program since 2003

Bones of Crows - Grace-Dove-as-Aline-Spears-Courtesy-of-CBC-credit-Farah-Nosh
Funding goes to B.C. producers and directors for the production phase of their longer-form projects, including scripted feature-length films and documentaries.

M arie Clements’ Bones of Crows and Alexander Lasheras’ The Beehive are among the 12 recipients of funding through Creative BC’s first Production Program since 2003.

The organization has announced a total of $820,00 to recipients of the program, which goes to B.C. producers and directors for the production phase of their longer-form projects, including scripted feature-length films and documentaries.

This is the second round to be announced under the British Columbia government’s 2020 $2-million investment in the Reel Focus BC suite of programs, part of a new Domestic Motion Picture Fund through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport.

Recipients are in various career stages and are B.C. resident individuals or B.C.-owned and controlled production companies and own the intellectual property behind these projects. Creative BC says the program aimed for “a more inclusive approach to accessing funds, with the barrier of a secured market trigger removed (proof of existing financing through a distributor or broadcaster).”

Receiving $125,000 is the upcoming scripted feature film Bones of Crows (pictured) from producer/director Clements, Ayasew Ooskana Pictures Inc., which started production in the fall. The Beehive film – from director Lasheras, also produced by Lasheras, Arun Fryer and Mike Johnston, Beehive Productions Inc. – also receives $125,000.

“The support we have received from Creative BC allows my producing partners and I to remain steadfast in our commitment to bringing together the brightest Canadian talents in order to tell this universal story,” said Clements, in a news release issued Wednesday (Dec. 22). “We are so grateful for the constant dedication of the team at Creative BC in the telling of this story of resilience and hope.”

Other scripted feature films receiving funding include: Prison Park from producer/director Juliet Belmas, Done4 Productions Inc. (receives $10,000); The Reclamation of Steve Joe from director Darrell Dennis and producers Harold Joe and Leslie Bland, Orca Cove Media Inc. (receives $125,000); Mongrels from director Jerome Yoo and producer Nach Dudsdeemaytha, Hodu Mob Films Inc. (receives $50,000); and The Chinatown Diner from director Lawrence Le Lam and producer Thomas Affolter, Hypepoet Film Inc. (receives $35,000).

Docs on the list include: Curl Power from producer/director Josephine Anderson (receives $50,000); The Art of Dance from director Kevin Fitzgerald, who also produces alongside Anand Ramayya, Hip Hop Films Inc. (receives $100,000); and Necessary Tomorrows from producer/director Brett Gaylor, Imposter Media Inc. (receives $50,000).

The list of docs is rounded out by Out of the Stands by producers/directors Nilesh Patel and Baljit Sangra, Roaming Pictures Inc. and Vivamantra Film Inc. (receives $50,000); Planet 911 by Nova Ami of Transparent Film Inc., who produced and also directed with Velcrow Ripper (receives $50,000); and Warrior Ride from director Banchi Hanuse and producers Carey Newman and Mike Wavercan, Warrior Ride Productions Inc. (receives $50,000).

Photo: Grace Dove as Aline Spears courtesy of CBC / Farah Nosh