CBC unveils new additions to fall podcast lineup

The pubcaster has tapped its Australian partner to co-produce Stuff the British Stole, which premieres later this month. (Trigger warning: This story contains content about sexual assault)

CBC is adding two new original podcasts to its fall slate – a history series created in collaboration with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and an original Canadian investigative true-crime series delving into the RCMP handling of a rape investigation.

Stuff The British Stole offers up a “not-so-polite” review of empire builders through looted objects now housed in sedate museums. CBC co-produced season two of the award-winning series with ABC. The two pubcasters have been collaborating to maximize public funding by co-developing English-language content since they inked an MOU in 2019 at the Banff World Media Festival.

The award-winning series is led by Australian journalist Marc Fennell (pictured). One artifact at a time, Fennell tells the macabre tales of the colonial souvenirs from a Maori preserved tattooed head to an southern Indian sultan’s toy wooden tiger figurine (which captures the cat crunching into a British toy solder’s neck, with an interior mechanism that makes noises). It premieres Oct. 20.

Carrie Low Vs. is an new five-episode series hosted by award-winning Halifax based investigative journalist Maggie Rahr, produced by CBC. It follows sex assault survivor Carrie Low as she strives for justice – first from her attackers, and later against the system she thought would help her. CBC says the story could have huge consequences – and “determine how rape investigations are conducted in RCMP detachments nationwide.”

Low was abducted from a neighbourhood bar in Halifax and gang raped in spring 2018. While she immediately reported her rape, she says she was forced to hire her own investigator after experiencing roadblocks and failures to investigate the horrific incident. Low’s case is still unresolved.  The series premieres Oct. 21.

Previously announced White Hot Hate (formerly The Accelerationists), which is part two in the Red, White and Blue investigative trilogy, launches Oct. 27.

The six-episode series explores the rise of neo-Nazi accelarationism in North America and globally. Hosted by Michelle Shephard (CBC Podcasts’ Uncover: SharminiBrainwashed) it follows the case of Canadian armed forces reservist Patrik Matthews, who was trying to form a neo-Nazi extremist cell.

Other previously announced podcasts include Unlocking the Fountain, which looks at advancements on aging and season three of sketch comedy-focused Tony Ho.