Incendo sets up Canada-Australia copro

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Queensland-shot treaty coproduction Love and Penguins is produced alongside The Steve Jaggi Company.

Incendo has set up its first Canada-Australia treaty coproduction with Brisbane-based The Steve Jaggi Company.

Love and Penguins, currently shooting in Queensland, is written by Annelies Kavan and directed by Christine Luby (This Little Love of Mine, Dive Club).

Producers on the project are Ian Whitehead, Steve Jaggi and Spencer McLaren, with Jean Bureau, Whitehead and Jaggi executive producing. Graham Ludlow is supervising producer.

While Montreal-based Incendo had previously shot the vast majority of its features in Canada, during the pandemic it forged partnerships with companies in Australia and New Zealand and since then has been structuring its projects in a variety of ways.

Among them, Incendo has coproduced several features with Banijay-owned Screentime New Zealand: Written in the Stars, A Love Yarn and Love Knots. The company has also continued to churn out MOWs financed solely within Canada, which have long been its stock-in-trade. This year, Incendo has produced Sweet as Maple Syrup, When Love Blooms and Farmer Seeking Love.

Love and Penguins stars Australian actor Tammin Sursok (Pretty Little Liars, Rules of Engagement) and Jason Wilder (Kidnapped, Great White). It tells the story of the sparks that fly between two people tasked with organizing a fundraising event for an Australian penguin sanctuary in dire need of financial assistance.

Image: Unsplash