NBCUniversal secures rights to Radio-Canada format Conversations With My Parents

Conversations with my parents
NBCUniversal Formats to adapt single-camera comedy for Middle East, Asia and Eastern European markets.

NBC Universal Formats, a division of Universal Studio Group, has secured the format rights to Radio-Canada and A Media’s Conversations With My Parents (Discussions Avec Mes Parents) in the Middle Eastern, Asian and Eastern European markets.

The company made the announcement in conjunction with CBC & Radio-Canada Distribution (CBC’s licensing arm) on Wednesday (June 9).

“We’re very proud of the interest that Conversations With My Parents has generated,” said A Media producer and president Guillaume Lespérance in a release. “It’s great to see that this charming and easily adaptable format can be loved by audiences across the globe.”

“With plenty of wit and a gentle touch, François Morency has distilled the conversations with his parents into a hilarious show with limitless comedic possibilities,” added Enrique Guillen, executive vice president of international strategy at Universal Studio Group. “We are excited to see how this clever format can serve other top comedians and audiences across the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.”

Previously, the format was also optioned in Germany by Eitelsonnenschien and in Belgium by Eyeworks, in collaboration with Aroma TV.

Conversations With My Parents is based on François Morency’s bestselling book of the same name. The single-camera comedy features heartfelt exchanges between the comedian and his family, which includes his parents, his brother, his sister, and their entourage. Karl Graboshas, Vincent Bilodeau, Marie-Ginette Guay, Blaise Tardif and Caroline Bouchard also star.

Conversations With My Parents debuted in 2018 and is the most-watched comedy on Radio-Canada. The third season, which aired in Fall 2020, averaged a market share of 37%. A fourth season is currently in production to air this fall and a fifth season is also in development.