Playback’s Indie List 2021 edition now open

Playback's annual survey is open now. Don't miss your chance to participate in this year's census of independent production spending.

For many, 2020 was a year to forget. With the onset of the pandemic in March, sets were abruptly closed, best-laid plans were upended and the industry was forced to rethink almost every aspect of production.

But while filming was disrupted in an unprecedented way, a combination of innovation and determination meant many projects were remounted by late summer and early fall.

While we know last year wasn’t a stellar business year for the majority, we’re hoping the Indie List capturing calendar 2020 will offer a fascinating snapshot of an industry rolling with some heavy punches. The Indie List also tracks development spending, so if your development spend rose significantly then we would encourage you to complete the survey.

CLICK HERE to access the survey.

*What we will publish in the Indie List: total production spend, total development spend, total service production spend, total feature production spend, total production spending broken down by genre*

**What we won’t publish: per-project production spending, per-project development spending – while we ask you to include the spend for individual projects, we will not publish any of this information**

Reminder: Spend is self-reported and works on the honour system, so please be as accurate as possible!