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JAXX leverages the second screen for integrated experiences

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JAXX leverages the second screen for integrated experiences


JAXX designs, produces and delivers moving narratives for every platform, serving clients from conception through execution in commercial, episodic, and feature-length projects.

With services that range from design to visual effects, audio, colour correction, compositing, as well as descriptive video and closed captioning, JAXX’s “single house” of ideas and execution matches design-driven thinking with technical excellence.

Originally a traditional post-house, the company underwent a transformation at the end of 2019 by becoming a full-fledged content studio, and added an award-winning creative division that expanded their post offerings to include animation and motion graphics – all supported by an artist collective that allows them to draw on a wide roster of talent.

Forward-thinking productions can look to JAXX’s proclivity for innovative, technology-driven content that is at the core of its business. This includes a wide array of services in voice activation technology, web-based augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 3D interactive content.

The vision for a content studio that harnesses emerging technologies proved to be prophetic. Within a few short months and accelerated by the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands, agencies and content providers began to face rapidly shifting audiences. Now, JAXX is helping them to radically evolve and deliver moving narratives for every platform in a forever-changed world.

In one initiative, JAXX created a dancing AR avatar of Warner Music Canada songstress, CARYS, which reached over 22 million users across multiple social media platforms. The user-generated content that followed, including pictures and videos of people dancing with her, resulted in an average of 4 minutes of engagement per click.

But the real opportunity is what JAXX President, Sonja Davies calls “The Second Screen Moment”.

“Most people watch TV with their phones in their hands. By leveraging that audience behaviour to create tailored, mid-stream content, we can offer a frictionless experience that turns otherwise passive viewers into interactive ones.”

The key, says Davies, is creating integrated viewer experiences, rather than disruptive content. For instance, a viewer could be watching a TV show where an on-screen QR code would prompt them to scan it with their phone. The QR code could launch full-scale, photo real AR props and products so that the user can visualize the items in their own home. They can then follow an embedded link to purchase them.

Serving as a one-stop-shop, JAXX’s talent roster is able to provide fully integrated services from their now remote Toronto studio. This way, clients save by working with a single JAXX Producer from concept to execution, supported with the right tools to deliver in any medium.

“As things slowly return to normal, the habits that audiences developed during the pandemic will continue to persist. JAXX prepares our clients to thrive for the future ‘new normal,’” says Davies.