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Calgary is your next production hub

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Calgary is your next production hub


Calgary has a long history of delivering content that showcases the quality and standard of production, amenities and services available in the jurisdiction. It’s a city where producers and filmmakers can make the most of their production budget and work in a film-friendly environment while maximizing quality on screen.

Features such as Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Let Him Go, and The Revenant are testaments to the beauty and diversity of Alberta locations. “For projects that require specific looks and vistas, we have the Rocky Mountains, the Prairies and the Badlands – as well as two municipalities of over 1 million people all within a three-hour radius,” says Luke Azevedo, Commissioner, Film, Television & Creative Industries at Calgary Economic Development.

Calgary also has the infrastructure to provide filmmakers the flexibility to film year-round in any setting they wish to create. The Calgary Film Centre, which is conveniently located 20 minutes from the city and 25 minutes from the airport, boasts of three purpose-built sound stages that cover 50,000 sq. ft., and an additional 25,000 sq. ft. of workshop and warehouse space. Add Canada’s largest provider of production equipment and onsite tenant William F. White into the mix, and it is a one-stop shop that can meet virtually all production needs.

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“We service projects of all different sizes from indie to commercial, from small to large, and full-budget projects,” notes Calgary Film Centre Business Development Manager Erin O’Connor. “The Film Centre and the jurisdiction have been able to service individual client needs very well. We try to be a no-surprise jurisdiction and stand on our reputation.”

It is the calibre of the award-winning talent and crews in Calgary that changes the game, with a track record that speaks for itself: Calgary has served as production home for more Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy wins in the last 15 years than any other province in Canada.

And if that pitch isn’t strong enough: Alberta’s innovation and service over-delivery edge is supported by the municipal and provincial governments, which offer a 22% tax credit on all Alberta labour, goods and services expenditures.

Calgary is open for business and projects are thriving. Production activity resumed in the city since July 2020, and the industry remains in compliance with all health and safety requirements for the jurisdiction. Each project creates a plan with a rigid set of policies and ensures adherence to these industry-specific protocols to protect all talent and crews, ensure the continuation of production activity, and allow for continued expansion of infrastructure production capacity in the area.

With files from Playback’s 2019 Locations Showcase.