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Ballinran Entertainment

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Ballinran Entertainment

stratford's - stageview studio - an intimate filming space for performing arts.

Stratford’s – STAGEVIEW STUDIO – An intimate filming space for performing arts.

When it comes to filming in Stratford, Ballinran Entertainment has you covered. We are Southwestern Ontario’s premiere film and television production company, providing on-the-ground location support, production equipment and services, location scouting, local suppliers and resources, accommodation and catering, production office, staging and post-production facilities plus dozens of unique filming locations, including a majestic 125-year-old church now recast as a production studio.

Stratford is one of North America’s premiere arts and culture hubs and we have the depth to provide skilled technicians and support crew, hair, make-up and wardrobe, talented actors and experienced extras.

With a wide variety of vibrant backdrops from heritage downtowns to rolling countryside, we can be ourselves or transform into anything your imagination conjures. Whether it’s a commercial shoot, MOW, feature, dramatic series or a reality show, we can help you realize your vision.

With our warm welcome, wide open spaces and relaxed pace who wouldn’t want to shoot in Stratford?