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About Voice Pictures

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About Voice Pictures

Voice Pictures has produced, executive produced, & co-executive produced over 30 movies, television specials, series, documentaries, mini-series & performing arts specials.

The company raises financing for pictures, co-produces, co-finances, and collects tax credits for various projects from large to small budget art and genre films. Its President Wendy Hill-Tout, is also a screenwriter and director on select pictures. Currently the company is completing a documentary series of 16 half hours, with more slated for production, and is developing TV series, one-offs, and features.

Voice Pictures mission is to bring diverse voices to the world and to collaborate with some of the world’s best talent to make award winning and high quality commercial productions.

The Company has co-produced a number of international co-treaty productions with Europe and the U.S. and is expanding its horizons to work with partners in China and other countries.