Federgreen, Lucky Dime option 10 Minutes from Home

Author Bill Howard will script the adaptation, while Federgreen Entertainment's Avi Federgreen and Lucky Dime Films' Laura Tremblay are set to produce.

10minutes_originalartFedergreen Entertainment and Lucky Dime Films have acquired the film rights to Bill Howard’s debut novel 10 Minutes from Home.

Currently in development, the adaptation is being penned by Howard with Federgreen Entertainment’s Avi Federgreen and Lucky Dime Films’ Laura Tremblay set to produce.

Set in a world overrun by the undead, 10 Minutes from Home tracks Denny Collins and his travelling companion Izzy as Denny tries to reunite with his family at their rural home amidst the threat of monsters, marauders and a growing military presence.

Earlier this year, Federgreen and Tremblay teamed to produce Craig David Wallace’s sophomore feature film Daughters, co-written by Wallace and Ian Malone. The duo also recently worked together on the short Red Balloon, which marks Federgreen’s first director credit.

In a statement, the Federgreen Entertainment CEO said that when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, he was thinking about new projects he should start developing during these difficult times. While speaking to Howard, who designs posters and graphics for Federgreen and Tremblay’s projects, Federgreen organically proposed the idea of turning 10 Minutes from Home into a film penned by Howard. “10 Minutes from Home fits nicely into the kind of films that Laura and I are developing with strong characters and very strong and emotional storytelling,” Federgreen said.