Bron Studios lines up The Quench

Dayveon filmmaker Amman Abbasi (pictured) is set to direct the coming-of-age thriller, while Bron's Aaron L. Gilbert and Anjay Nagpal serve as executive producers.

Amman AbbasiBron Studios has unveiled its latest project: coming-of-age thriller The Quench.

Based on a script from The Climb‘s Kyle Marvin and directed by Dayveon filmmaker Amman Abbasi (pictured), the feature follows a Vietnamese-American teen who moves to a rural town after a distressing encounter. With the help of his new foster family, he is groomed into a more refined version of himself and becomes his foster father’s knife-making protégé.

The Vancouver-headquartered entertainment company is set to produce the thriller with Marvin’s The Climb collaborator, Michael Angelo Covino. Bron’s Aaron L. Gilbert and Anjay Nagpal serve as executive producers, while the studio’s director of development Solome Williams oversees development. The project is currently casting.

Last month, Bron Studios revealed it had acquired the rights to produce an English-language version of Call My Agent! (“Dix Pour Cent”) with U.K. production company Headline Pictures. The original French TV series follows a Paris talent agency that scrambles to keep it together when its founder suddenly dies.

This latest film also follows Bron Studios’ $100 million-plus multi-picture co-financing deal with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) via it’s joint venture Bron Creative with Creative Wealth Media.

Additionally, through its previous $100-million, six-picture co-financing deal with Warner Bros. Pictures, Bron Creative’s Gilbert and Jason Cloth serve as executive producers on Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. Last week, it was reported that the film had crossed $1 billion at the global box office, making it the first R-rated film to pass the milestone.