Ontario Creates reveals ’19 IFF participants

Unidentified Woman, Something You Said Last Night and Boom Boom are part of the Canadian projects set for the two-day event.

Hawkeye Pictures, JA Productions and Carousel Pictures are among the Canadian producing teams set to attend the 14th edition of Ontario Creates annual International Financing Forum (IFF).

Held over the course of two days in association with TIFF, the forum includes one-on-one meetings, an industry panel discussion, as well as networking events. All told, this year’s cohort consists of 21 Canadian and 15 international producing teams.

Hawkeye Pictures’ Aeschylus Poulos (Sleeping Giant) and Sonya Di Rienzo (Propaganda: the Art of Selling Lies) will bring Unidentified Woman, a psychological thriller from writer/director Katrina Saville (Private Eyes) to the forum. Meanwhile, Charlie Hidalgo and JA Productions’ Jessica Adams will attend with Something You Said Last Night from writer/director Luis De Filippis, a previous Playback 5 to Watch Runner-Up. Last year, De Filippis’ short For Nonna Anna picked up the emerging artist award from Inside Out and a special jury prize from the Sundance Film Festival. In addition, Boom Boom from writer Mike Werb, director Jason Stone and producer Tyler Levine from Carousel Pictures will also attend.

Other Canadian projects headed to the event include: producer Bob Barlen’s live-action comedy Private Dick with director Cal Brunker (co-written by Brunker and Barlen); the dramedy Vic & Doc & Duke Go To the Store from producers Michael Seater and Paula Brancati, writer/star Daniel MacIvor and director Bruce McDonald; Middle 8 from producers Kaleena Kiff and Galen Fletcher, The Rest of Us director Aisling Chin-Yee and writer Eliza Lee; The Baker from Fella Films’ Thomas Michael and Darius Films’ Nicholas Tabarrok, which was penned by Michael and Paolo Mancini and is set to be directed by Carlos Moreno; Glen Wood and Kathryn Kennedy’s 50,000 Words (Ontario/Ireland) with director Pat Mills and writer David Turpin; Alfons Adetuyi (Inner City Films) and Fred Fuchs’ Boy Wonder (directed by Adetuyi, written by Pete McCormack); The Power of Nothing from Arand Ramayya and Anne Wheeler (written and directed by Wheeler); producers Jeremy Torrie and Eve Pomerance’s Sweethearts (written and directed by Michael Radford); producer Bill House’s Far to Go (director Larry Weinstein, written by Hannah Moscovitch and Rosa Laborde); The Estate from writer/director/producer Sara B Edwards and producer Ziad Touma; Mike MacMillan and Marc Bary’s In Alaska (written and directed by Jaap van Heusden); Sahar Yousefi and Rula Nasser’s Here in My Skin (written and directed by Yassmina Karajah); and Tim Dorion’s sci-fi thriller Hello Stranger (director April Mullen, writer Ryan Churchill).

Also in attendance is producer Teresa M. Ho and Christina Jennings’ romantic comedy 15 Kinds of Casual Sex (director Paula Brancati and Michael Seater, written by Emily Weedon); Dark Sea from producers Ryan Reaney and Jeff Hanes (director Benjamin Rouse, writer Daniel Rindress-Kay); Incidental Music from writer/director/producer Daniel Wrath and producer Josh Clavir; Cameron MacLaren and Paul Barry’s Albatross (writer/director Grayson Moore); and Aviva Armour-Ostroff and Jefferson Mappin’s Lune (writer/director Armour-Ostroff).

Canadian writer/director/producer Richie Mehta is also attached to The Price of Tea (U.K.) with producer Cassandra Sigsgaard from Jeva Films, which is being co-produced with Toronto’s Sienna Films.

Other international projects include Have No Shame (U.S.) from producers George Parra and Amanda Kiely, director Fred Durst and writer David Turpin; producer Lena Vurma’s Leonora (Germany) with writer/director Thor Klein; writer/director/producer Gidi Dar’s historical drama Legend of Destruction (Israel); The Dam (South Africa) from writer/director/producer Brett Michael Innes and producer Paulo Areal; I Will Not Go Quietly (Germany), a black comedy from producers Sol Bondy and Mike MacMillan (director Jan-Ole Gerster, written by MacMillan and Darragh McDonald); writer/director Kit Hui’s Black Dust (U.K.) with producer Christopher Granier-Deferre; The Demolition of the Century (New Zealand) from producer Vicky Pope, director Robert Sarkies and writer Duncan Sarkies; writer/director/producer Mandi Riggi’s Mercy (U.K.) with producer Kevin Comer; Beach (Denmark) from writer/director Vibeke Muasya and producer Lene Borglum; Reply to Helga’s Letter (Iceland) from writer/director Asa Helga Hjorleifsdottir and producers Birgitta Bjornsdottir and Skuli Fr. Malmquist; producer Lucie Wenigerova and writer/director Sally Potter’s Alba (U.K.); director/producer Aleksi Salmenpera’s Master and Man (Finland) with writer Juha Karvanen and producers Marko Talli; and finally writer/director Ronny Trocker’s Zorro (Germany) with producer Paul Zichler.

Some of the companies attending the two-day event include A24, Celsius Entertainment, Cornerstone Films, Films Boutique, Film Constellation, Indie Sales, NEON, Netflix, Bleecker Street Media, Fox Searchlight, Celluloid Dreams, Magnolia Pictures and StudioCanal.

The IFF runs from Sept. 8 to 9, 2019.