CMF awards $9M across 43 digital projects

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Projects from Blue Ant Media Productions, Big Bad Boo Digital and Hollywood Suite are among those receiving support.

The CMF has invested $9 million across 43 projects through its 2018/19 Convergent Digital Media Incentive.

All told, 15 English-language and 28 French-language projects were selected. Of those, 12 are children and youth projects, 13 are documentaries, 17 are dramas and one project is in the performing arts genre. The funder’s digital media incentive supports the creation of digital media components to accompany CMF-funded TV productions.

Blue Ant Media Productions took home $486,986 for the creation of an immersive web experience and digital episodes, Animalogic IV: Where There’s Hope, a digital series to complement its Love Nature docuseries Hope for Wildlife IX: Where There’s Hope. It also received $468,735 for digital videos and non-video content to support its upcoming TV documentary, Making The Goods With Woods.

The CBC received a commitment of $325,000 for a 20-part unscripted web mystery series titled The Mystery Of…, a digital accompaniment to Shaftesbury’s Murdoch Mysteries that takes the audience through a range of mysteries in Canadian history.

In addition, B.C.’s Big Bad Boo Digital walked away with $275,594 for 16 Hudson‘s digital media component. Targeted towards children and youth, the project follows the adventures of a group of neighbors who respect each other’s different qualities and celebrate various cultural holidays. Another major recipient was New Metric Media, which picked up a total of $262,500 for Littlekenny, Letterkenny‘s spin-off short animated series for Bell Media’s short-form app SnackableTV.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Suite received $246,250 for its multiplatform project Fan Culture of Film, which explores the way certain films have a deep impact on society.

Quebec-based companies selected for the incentive include Productions de l’Ardoise’s Heure bleue ($165,560); Les Productions Avanti Cine Video’s Alix et les merveilleux ($141,845); Les Productions Passez Go’s Le Chalet V ($118,170); Production MM’s 5e Rang ($84,213); Sphere Media’s Autre histoire ($84,213); Aetois Web’s District 31 ($94,739); and Communications PR3′s Dernier Passager ($69,601).

Zone 3 also received funding for digital components for its upcoming Club illico series Appelle moi si tu Meurs ($142,362) as well as Kebec ($84,213). In addition, Attraction Images Productions scored $139,869 for Mammouth and $160,004 for its Passe-Partout project.

Click here for the full list of supported projects.

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