IPF backs 17 scripted digital projects

She Said Films' Running With Violet, LoCo Motion Pictures' How to Buy a Baby and LaRue Entertainment's The Amazing Gayl Pile were among the recipients.

gayl pile 3New seasons of LaRue Entertainment’s The Amazing Gayl Pile (pictured), LoCo Motion Pictures’ How to Buy a Baby and She Said Films’ Running With Violet were among 17 projects to secure financial backing as the IPF named its funding recipients for 2018.

In total, roughly $2 million was shared between 11 English-language and six French-language projects.

Aside from Gayl Pile and How to Buy a Baby, the other English-language projects to receive funding were Natalie Novak Films’ The Communist’s Daughter, Broken Compass Films’ Detention Adventure, Carousel Pictures’ First Person, Old Soul Productions’ For the Record, Bullrush Pictures’ Hospital Show, EBNERDS Multi Media Entertainment’s Life XP, Touchpoint Films’ Ming’s Dynasty and Asymetric’s Short Term Sentence.

With the IPF investment, LaRue’s Gayl Pile is moving into its fifth season, while How to Buy a Baby, which recently won the best comedy prize at Indie Series Awards, goes into a second. The IPF’s backing of Gayl Pile‘s marks the first time the funder has supported a web series in its fifth season. (The project also received IPF funding in its first and second seasons). 

On the French-language side, digital coin went to SPORT’s Et puis, Amélie est partie, Les Productions la Récré’s Germain s’éteint, Les productions St Laurent TV’s La Maison des folles, la corp’s Le Killing, Blachfilms’ OFF and Zone3′s Téodore pas de H.

The IPF has distributed more than $15 million across 131 web series since 2010.