Shark Teeth options wild western novella

The Toronto-based Vegas Cakes producer has acquired the rights to Sarah Gailey's River of Teeth.

Hardcover book gutter and pagesShark Teeth Films has acquired the rights to Sarah Gailey’s novella River of Teeth.

The Toronto-based prodco known for projects like Vegas Cakes (Food Network and Food Network Canada) and Deep Sea Mysteries (Travel Channel) plans to adapt the western-adventure into a TV series.

River of Teeth takes place in a fictional time when cowboys and mercenaries ride hippopotamuses instead of horses and follows Winslow Houndstooth on a mission with his crew. The book was published by New York-based Tom Doherty Associates and was a finalist for the 2017 Nebula Award for best novella, which celebrates members of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

According to Shark Teeth co-founder and exec producer Adrian Carter, the prodco came across the book after reading a news article about a concentrated effort to farm hippos in Louisiana in the 19th century.

“We found Sarah Gailey’s books and they are even better than reality,” said Carter. The follow-up to River of Teeth, Taste of Marrow was published in 2017. 

Shark Teeth is currently working with its agent at L.A.-based APA to find a writer to adapt the project for TV.