Indiecan preps 100th Canadian release, Monolith

In releasing Ivan Silvestrini's latest feature, indie-film entrepreneur Avi Federgreen also hits a milestone achievement for his company.

Avi Federgreen admits that when he launched Indiecan Entertainment in 2011, he didn’t really know what he was getting himself into.

“I knew nothing about distribution to be honest, other than I was prepared to do hard work and I was passionate about getting my films out,” he told Playback Daily. His strategy at the time was a succinct but long-term plan: “I gave myself five years. If I wasn’t going to break even in five years then I was going to get out.”

Now, just over six years into the company’s history, Federgreen has not only achieved his goal of breaking even, Indiecan has reached a significant milestone: 100 films released in Canada.

The achievement is not just in the number of releases – around 70% of Indiecan’s Canadian releases have exhibited in a theatre, and the rest at least received digital distribution, Federgreen says.

The film that marks this special milestone, Monolith, is directed by Ivan Silvestrini and tells the story of a mother who gets into a severe accident while driving to L.A. with her son to see her husband. The film opens Jan. 26 at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa and at the Carlton Cinema in Toronto.

Federgreen has also been expanding other areas of his business in recent years. Three years ago, after receiving numerous inquiries from foreign filmmakers about releasing their films in Canada, Federgreen expanded Indiecan to include international film. The Toronto-based filmmaker, producer and distributor has also turned some of his attention stateside, releasing approximately 30 films in the U.S., as well as partnering with Australia-based Tiller and Tide Media to represent a slate of 17 films internationally.

Looking forward to 2018 and beyond, Federgreen said his strategy will remain the same as it has been since day one: “I want to continue to acquire solid films, work with indie filmmakers in Canada, and help them realize the possibility of getting their films in front of audiences.