Quebecor Fund awards $2.3M across nine projects

Roughly $1.3 million was distributed through its convergent stream, including an interactive component for season six of the reality series La Voix.
La Voix

The Quebecor Fund is distributing around $2.3 million to nine projects through its Main Television Production Assistance Program (MPAP).

Of the total, approximately $1.3 million was awarded through MPAP’s Convergent Production stream, including an interactive component to season six of Productions Déferlantes’ competition series La Voix (pictured), which airs on TVA.

Other projects to receive funding through the convergent stream were an interactive installation to accompany Productions Version 10 and Slalom Productions’ kids series Mehdi & Val (ICI Radio-Canada), season seven of Untamed Productions’ travel and adventure series Mordu de la pêche (Évasion) and season 31 of TVA Productions’ Salut Bonjour (TVA). The website for PVP Doc’s Des bateaux et des hommes (TV5), which explores the lifestyle of the men and women who spend most of their time on boats, also received funding.

Meanwhile four projects also received Quebecor coin through MPAP’s TV Format and Concept Development component, with Productions KOTV, Encore Télévision, Productions Squeeze and Serdy Vidéo all receiving a share of the funds. Quebecor did not give any details about the in-development projects.

According to Quebecor Fund, it has distributed more than $67 million to convergent projects since its inception in 1999, as well as around $7.5 million to support the television components of those projects.