CMF invests $8.9M through Aboriginal program

Eagle Vision's Taken and Kwassen Productions' Tribal Police Files were among 17 projects to receive a share of the funding.

The CMF has invested $8.9 million across 17 convergent projects in the latest round of its Aboriginal program, including the third season of Eagle Vision-produced docuseries Taken (APTN, CBC) (pictured).

It is the largest investment round ever distributed through the CMF’s Aboriginal program and comes after the funder increased its yearly investments to $8.9 million in 2017, from $7.2 million last year.

In total, CMF provided funding to 10 docs, three drama series, three children’s and youth programs and one variety and performance arts project.

On the doc front, CMF invested in season two of doc series Tribal Police Files (APTN), produced by Kwassen Productions, which received $486,661 for its linear component and a further $75,750 for its digital component, as well as 13 Indigenous Artists (APTN), which received $550,000 for its linear doc and $75,750 for digital media.

The other doc projects to receive funding were season two of Canal D’s Au pays des Mitchifs ($439,000 linear, $41,250 digital media), Radio-Canada’s Du teweikan à l’électro ($111,181 for linear) and a number of APTN projects: First Across the Line ($428,349 linear, $75,750 digital media), Merchants of the Wild ($530,677 linear, $75,750 digital media), Policier Autochtone ($388,800 linear, $75,750 digital media), season one of Power to the People ($425,531 linear, $75,750 digital media) and season two of Wild Archaeology ($550,000 linear, $75,750 digital media). Taken received $497,013 for its linear component.

On the drama series front, CMF gave $750,000 to One Century in the Lifetime of Noah Piugattuk, produced by Nunavut-based prodco Kingulliit Productions for Australian TV channel National Indigenous Television (NITV). The project’s digital media component also received $200,000. Season seven of APTN drama Qanurli also received $556,257 in CMF funding for its linear component. In addition, CBC and APTN drama Red Snow received $589,104.

On the children’s and youth side, CMF invested in APTN series Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show ($449,822 linear, $75,750 digital media) and Teepee Time ($315,000 linear, $75,750 digital media) as well as season one of Ukaliq & Kalla ($294,737 linear) for NITV.

APTN’s Essence ($539,118 linear, $75,750 digital media) was the only variety and performance arts project to receive financing.