CMF invests $4.3M in 19 digi media projects

Cream Productions and TFO are among the companies that nabbed development coin, while six projects will receive marketing support.

The Canada Media Fund has invested $4.3 million across 19 digital media projects through its Experimental Stream – 2017/18 Innovation program. All told, in this round of funding, 13 companies received $2.9 million in development support and six projects received $1.4 million in marketing coin.

Cream Productions’ VR series A Curious Mind received $156,870 in development support. The science-based experience, presented by Lord of the Rings’ Dominic Monaghan, explores mankind’s theories about life and the universe.

Meanwhile, TFO received $162,765 for its Blockchain project. The software aims to create a new approach to the creation, production and distribution of content and the handling of related fees and royalties.

Three projects received $300,000 in development coin, the largest amount doled out by the funder this round: immersive VR dance game Body Movin’, Les Productions Shootfilms’ Cinébot website and Clever-Plays Studio’s Tandem: Connected Realities video game.

Other projects to receive support include Double Stallion Games’ Carriers ($256,725), ThirtyThree Games COPE ($250,169), Les Studios Sweet Bandits’ Deceive ($240,000), Project Kami ($165,711), Caledonia Games’ Project: Generations ($165,630), Scribens Project ($138,741), Finish Line Games’ Skully ($187,00) and Brass Token Games’ The Chant ($262,283).

On the marketing side, Elastic Games’ online multiplayer game Last Year received the largest sum, $400,000, while interactive website Dystopia 2513 received $274,180. Other projects to receive funding include PlayHybrid Divertissement’s Ambitious Dirt ($200,000), Les Jeux Chainsawesome’s Aftercharge ($206,250), software tool Gamifying Cinematic Animation Production ($208,375) and Productions Neweb.TV’s app ($82,500).