HGF distributes $329K across 27 film projects

Scripts backed through Harold Greenberg Fund's Script Development Program include David Cronenberg's Consumed and Mary Walsh's Come Home Year.

The Harold Greenberg Fund (HGF) has named 27 projects to receive funding via its Script Development Program, with David Cronenberg’s Consumed and Mary Walsh’s Come Home Year among those to receive a share.

The program supports film projects in all stages of script development, from first optioning to final draft. The total distributed in the latest round of funding was $329,300.

Cronenberg’s project was one of three projects to receive funding through the Story Optioning – First Option stream, along with Deepa Mehta’s Annabel and Ryan Redford’s Knucklehead. Cronenberg is collaborating on Consumed with Serendipity Point Films, while Mehta is penning the screenplay based on Kathleen Winter’s novel of the same name.

Eleven projects received funding through the Polish and Packaging stream, including Voyelles Films’ 20th Century (from screenwriter/director Matthew Rankin), Middle Child Films’ Sorry For Your Loss (screenwriter/director Collin Friesen), Lady Hammond Entertainment’s Dry Swallow (screenwriter/director Joel Thomas Hynes) and Wildling Pictures’ Mary Goes Round (screenwriter/director Molly McGlynn).

Other projects to receive funding through the Polish and Packaging stream were Hawkeye Pictures’ Wolf at the Door (from director Adam MacDonald and screenwriter Enuka Okuma) and Aiken Heart Films’ Distance (from director Chelsea McMullan and screenwriter Patrick Whistler). Michael Doyle’s The Miller’s Son, Hannah Moscovitch’s Unsettled, Kaveh Nabatian and Pablo Herrera’s Sin La Habana, and Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Madeline Ivalu’s Restless River also received script development coin via the stream.

In the First to Second Draft stream, Joey Klein’s A Vacation in Iceland, Arto Paragamian’s Hard as a Rock, Trevor Anderson and Fish Griwkowsky’s Docking, Mary Walsh’s Come Home Year, Jason Lapeyre’s Bad Dog, David Jones’ Melting, Jeffrey St Jules (Bang Bang Baby) and Colin Aussant’s Panther!, Shadow Shows’ The Donnellys and Marc Tulin and Emanuel Hoss-Desmarais’ Barb were the nine recipients of funding.

Four projects were funded through the Second to Final Draft stream, with Pat Kiely’s The Long Distance Thing, Patrick Tarr’s Bloody Knuckles, Yonah Lewis and Calvin Thomas’ Baldy, and Liam Card’s Exit Papers From Paradise selected to receive HGF coin.

Image: Shutterstock