Ringing up…Playback’s Summer 2016 issue

Playback kicks off summer (well, almost summer) with an overview of its latest issue.

Welcome to Playback‘s Summer 2016 issue.

Stay tuned to Playback Daily over the next few weeks as we roll out the issue’s feature content, including our annual Indie List and Playback mini-survey, a deep dive into diversity in the industry, an excellent overview of the lively career of “media architect” Ivan Fecan and a look back at 11 top-five moments in CTV’s history. For those of you who receive the print issue, it should be arriving in your mailbox shortly. New articles will be added to this post as they are added to the website.

To kick things off, we unveil the 2016 Independent Production List, or “the Indie List” as we like to call it. Now paired with an annual survey to gauge industry outlook, challenges and opportunities, we’re aiming to track how your companies are changing and the industry changes rapidly alongside. Click on the link below to view.


Playback Summer 2016

  • 2016 Indie List: The year in review: Companies with a global, diversified approach continue to have an edge, but smaller indies are seeing success with projects attracting big stars and world-wide attention. Read more here.
  • Playback’s 2016 Canadian Film & TV Hall of Fame: Ivan Fecan: The industry builder and Playback‘s 2010 Person of the Decade helped build the empire now known as Bell Media and oversaw CTV’s rise to number one network. Read more here.
  • Programming profile: Blue Ant Media: Looking to get a foot in the door at this multimedia co? Think like its crafty namesake and strategize innovative programming plays that take advantage of its multiple points of entry. Read more here. 
  • The diversity puzzle: While the calls for gender parity in the industry grow and it struggles to respond, Playback looks at the progress already made – and asks whether an even bigger issue is on the horizon. Read more here.
  • How Global and eOne are setting ‘Mary’ up to kill it: Mary Kills People, the new drama from eOne and Cameron Pictures for Global, is TV built on a future-forward talent model. Read more here.
  • Dear Ms. Joly…an industry wish listPlayback magazine reached out to industry members to get their wish lists for the upcoming Cancon review. Here’s what they told us. Read more here.