CMF announces 2016-17 performance envelope allocations

English Canadian broadcasters netted $167.8M of the fund, while French broadcasters received $83.9M.

shutterstock_122945545 - money 100 x 667The CMF this week announced its 2016-17 performance envelope allocations, with English Canadian broadcasters receiving $167.4 million and French Canadian broadcasters $83.9 million.

The CBC took the largest share of the pay out with $57.98 million, which was up over $6 million from its $51.72 million allocation last year, followed by Corus Entertainment with $43.89 million and Bell Media with $29.1 million. Bell Media’s allocation was largely the same, but Corus’ allocation was combined with Shaw Media’s; last year, the separate envelopes were worth over $52 million, or approximately $26 million each.

In fourth place was Rogers Broadcasting, which received $7.02 million of the purse, down from $9.3 million last year, followed by APTN’s English-language broadcaster with $5.56 million and DHX Media with $5.4 million.

On the French-language side, Radio-Canada topped the list at $31.78 million, down from $329 million last year, followed by Groupe TVA at $22.27 million and Bell Media’s French Canadian operations at $12.43 million.

Across all English Canadian broadcasters, the fund for drama this year stands at $48.92 million, with CBC netting nearly half of that ($23.99 million) and Bell Media with $11.7 million. On the French-language side, Radio-Canada scooped $10.81 million for drama, while TVA received $9.75 million.

Updated April 19, 2016