Shaw requests no public consultation on Corus deal

Shaw Communications has asked for an administrative review, used for applications involving an intra-corporate reorganization or when there is no change of effective control.

Copied from Media in Canada - crtc.body_leadShaw Communications has formally filed an application regarding the acquisition of Shaw Media by Corus Entertainment, which does not include a tangible benefits package and requests there be no public review of the deal.

Shaw Communications has requested the CRTC do an “administrative review” of the application, which the regulator uses for deals involving an intra-corporate reorganization, or when there is no change in effective control. Going the administrative route means there would be no public consultation process

In its application, Shaw Communications noted Shaw Media, Shaw Communications and Corus Entertainment are all effectively controlled by JR Shaw through the Shaw Living Family Trust, and the regulator has previously indicated it considers Shaw and Corus Entertainment to belong to the same ownership group.

“In view of the foregoing, Shaw submits that the Application satisfies the key criteria for treatment under the administrative route. The Application does not raise any concerns with respect to Commission policies and regulations and Corus is not requesting any changes to conditions of licence,” the application reads. “In particular, as noted above, there is no change in effective control. Therefore, the reorganization does not trigger the payment of tangible benefits or a review under Diversity of Voices.”

In the event the CRTC does not approve the request to review the deal via the administrative route, Shaw Communications has asked the regulator to do an “expedited review process” of the transaction. In that case, Shaw asked the regulator accept written interventions for 21 days from the date the notice of application was issued, and to approve the deal on or before March 23, 2016.