APTN goes in for a second helping of Moosemeat and Marmalade

The intercontinental, First Nations-meets-European-cuisine docu-series is set to air in fall 2016.
Moosemeat and Marmalade

Production is underway in B.C. on season two of APTN’s crossover culinary series Moosemeat and Marmalade, with a new 13 x 30-minute season set to air in fall 2016.

With production beginning in early November, three episodes have been filmed so far in B.C., with another two to go, before crews relocate to Ontario for four episodes and then to the U.K. for the remaining four. Production on season two is set to wrap in May, 2016.

The show follows two chefs – Cree Indian “bush” chef Art Napoleon and European-cuisine-focused chef Dan Hayes – as they attempt to teach one another about their respective approaches to cooking.

Produced by Mooswa Films, which is a partnership between Napoleon and Victoria, B.C.-based May Street Productions, the series also airs in the U.S. (on specialty network AWE) and in France (via broadcaster AB Groupe).

Thematically, the second season will tread similar territory to the first, said series producer Mike Wavrecan, though the new episodes will explore in more depth the topic of sustainability and issues arising from invasive animals on local farming, crops, and indigenous species. As well, the promotion for the second season will be more far-reaching now that the show has a footprint in both the U.S. and France. In terms of demographic, he added, the show will continue to target a broad audience of 25-to-45 year-olds, with an even split between and male and female, aboriginal and non-aboriginal viewers.

The concept for the show initially came together accidentally, said executive producer and May Street founder Hilary Pryor, when Napoleon and Hayes met on the set of May Street show Tiga Talk! With Napoleon starring in the show, and chef Hayes catering the set, the two had chemistry, said Pryor. “Watching these two kind of Mutt and Jeff characters [a reference to the cartoon comic strip] interacting,  we thought ‘let’s test them out’. We did, and immediately their contrasting characters shone on screen, so we took it from there.”

Season one of the show was greenlit in February, 2013 and aired in January 2015. The series is financed by APTN, the Bell Fund and the CMF.