White Pine’s Wynne doc to air on W5

CTV has picked up White Pine Pictures' documentary about Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario budget, which was dropped by TVO earlier this year.

Wynne_White_Pine_00452CTV has picked up White Pine Pictures’ documentary about Kathleen Wynne, which was dropped by TVO earlier this year.

The broadcaster confirmed it will air a television cut of The Unscripted Kathleen Wynne on Saturday, Oct. 10 at 7 pm on CTV, CTV GO, and CTVNews.ca. The 40-minute documentary follows Wynne and her team as they prepared to release the 2015 Ontario budget.

The documentary was commissioned by TVO but the deal fell apart when TVO pulled out in May, citing lack of proper releases and insurance, among other things. White Pine later disputed the claim, pointing to business-as-usual “creative differences” and saying it had the backing of the Premier’s Office and that all paperwork was being signed. The dispute later spilled over into the media, when the Toronto Star published clips from the unfinished documentary as part of a followup story.

Speaking with Playback Monday, White Pine president Peter Raymont said he and his team are happy the doc found a broadcast home.

“We are delighted that it will be seen,” said Peter Raymont, president, White Pine Pictures, in an interview with Playback Daily. “[Kathleen Wynne] is a fascinating person. You get insight into her relationship with her spouse Jane and a real insight into the workings of government, which people very rarely see. Not to toot my own horn but I think since my 1978 documentary on Bill Davis, there hasn’t been a behind-the-scenes film inside the workings of the Premiere’s Office – inside the workings of any [Canadian] political leader.”

Raymont says that he would have been pleased to see the doc on TVO but that W5′s ratings mean it will be seen by more people.

“I was disappointed that TVO pulled out of it but that was their choice and they always said we hope you find another home for it,” he said. “So, we have, and they’re aware of that. The Premiere’s people were interested in having the film broadcast. So, it’s worked out well from that perspective.”

W5 is now in its 50th season and according to Bell Media, is North America’s longest-running investigative journalism series. Its last season averaged 2 million unique viewers per episode, the caster said in a recent statement.