Killjoys, Dark Matter continue to climb

Space's Friday night Canadian dramas both reported season-high ratings of over half a million for their July 24 episodes.
killjoys season one episode six

Space channel’s summer Canadian programming strategy looks to have taken flight.

The Bell Media channel is reporting season-high ratings for Killjoys (pictured) and Dark Matter, produced by Temple Street and Prodigy Pictures, respectively.

Killjoys’ sixth episode, which aired on July 24, captured an impressive 526,000 viewers and Dark Matter was hot on its heels with 534,000 viewers for its seventh episode of the season, which also bowed on July 24.

Together, the series have taken the top two spots in overall entertainment specialty for the month of July with audiences in the 25-to-54 demo, according to Numeris data from Bell Media.

Seasonal averages for the series’ put Killjoys at 427,000 per episode and Dark Matter at just under 499,400.

The series are set to wrap on Aug. 21 (Killjoys) and Aug. 28 (Dark Matter).