Gerry Dee, Project 10 pact on My Scottish Family

The half-hour comedy is currently in development with a Canadian broadcaster and is loosely based on Dee's life.

Gerry DeeAndrew Barnsley’s Project 10 and Gerry Dee’s production company Gerard ADHD Entertainment have partnered on My Scottish Life, a half-hour comedy series currently in development with the CBC.

The series is loosely based on Dee’s life and his Scottish relatives. My Scottish Family tells the story of Francis MacPhee (played by Dee), a Canadian-born man who met his wife while living in Scotland. Francis eventually returns to Canada with his wife, three teen children, and his “accidentally” racist and sexist father and law. The producers are currently looking for U.S. and international broadcast partners for the series.

Project 10 is on a bit of a development spree lately. Last week, the Toronto-based prodco announced it had inked development deals with Bell Media for two comedies, Beyond Repair and Darcy, both born out of Project 10′s previous CTV comedy Spun Out.

Beyond Repair is a single-camera comedy co-created by Spun Out star Paul Campbell and Canadian actor Cobie Smulders (Avengers, How I Met Your Mother). The series follows Campbell’s character Nick, an out-of-work actor who discovers he has a son he didn’t know about.

Darcy, another half-hour sitcom, tells the story of married couple Darcy and Jeremy’s struggles with marriage, money and family. Carl Johann writes the show alongside stand-up comedian and former Spun Out cast member, Darcy Michael. At the time Project 10 indicated it was seeking out U.S. and international broadcast partners for the two series.