Bake with Anna Olson returns

The Peace Point Entertainment series will return with a second season on Food Network Canada, Scripps Network Asia and Scripps Network U.K. & EMEA.

Olson Bake cakeAfter two years off the air, Peace Point Entertainment’s Bake with Anna Olson will go to season two following a commission from Food Network Canada, Scripps Network Asia and Scripps Network UK & EMEA.

The first season of the series was commissioned by Food Network Canada, and has since been sold into over 176 territories including Australia’s Foxtel and New Zealand’s Food TV. Season two is the first season of the series to be co-commissioned by multiple networks, and will include 20 half-hour episodes.

Bringing Bake with Anna Olson back to life required some fancy footwork in bringing numerous networks to the table, Les Tomlin, president and CEO of Peace Point Productions, told Playback Daily.

“It is also part of the reason why it took so long – getting three parties involved in one show is not easy. We started on the path of getting three parties involved at the end of last year,” Tomlin told Playback Daily.

The first season of the show did well on Scripps Network Asia and Scripps Network U.K. & EMEA, prompting the broadcasters to back a second season of the show, Tomlin said. While Food Network Canada had started to move away from traditional, instructional cooking shows, Olson’s connections to brands prompted the broadcaster to board season two, he explained. The tri-commission structure was also an incentive on the financial side, Tomlin said, along with the success of previous season of the show on the channel.

Food Network Canada will have the first window on the second season of Bake with Anna Olson, followed shortly after by Scripps Network Asia and then Scripps Network U.K. & EMEA. Production on the season has already wrapped, and is currently in post-production.

Bake with Anna Olson is distributed by Peace Point Rights, the distribution arm of Peace Point Entertainment.