MIPTV: Zone3 joins format exchange Newen Network

As part of the network, each member producer must give others in the network first look on new formats. (Zone3 president Michel Bissonnette pictured.)

Michel_BissonetteMontreal-based Zone3 has joined the Newen Network, a global format exchange network facilitated by French independent TV producer Newen.

The network was launched about four years ago by Newen, with the goal of connecting producers in major markets to collaborate on projects and exchange formats.

“There is such a consolidation in the market right now with the Shines and the Fremantles of this world, it is a way to stay independent but have more strength as an international company,” Michel Bissonnette, president of Zone3, told Playback Daily.

Currently, the network includes Zone3, Newen, Germany’s Bavaria Film, Spain’s Globomedia and Teve Media Group, one of the largest independent media groups in Holland and Belgium.

As part of the network, each member producer must give other producers in the network a 30-day first-look window on formats that can be adopted in their respective countries, Bissonnette explained. For example, if Bavaria Films creates a format for Germany, Zone3 will then be the only producer in Canada who has access to that format for 30 days.

Newen Network invites producers to join the collaboration, and there is no fee levied to participate, Bissonnette said. If a producer decides to acquire or produce a format that was put forward by the network by another producer, a commission must be paid. The producers within the network can also codevelop and coproduce new formats that can be released in their respective markets.

Bissonnette noted that Newen may have been interested in bringing Zone3 into the network since it produces shows in both French and English, and has a New York office. With this new partnership with Newen Networks, Bissonette said it opens up the market for content creators who work with Zone3.

“If you develop a format with us, you know that I will be able to bring your format to the biggest indie producer in most of the biggest countries, so it’s a win-win for everyone,” Bissonnette said.